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    Today marks the first day Of a story about darkswords, created by not just one player but many! as we get together and make a sentence story, each person receiving a small reward for each of their sentences!
    This story will continue on and hopfuly become a great story of battles and darkness, friendship and light! whats to come? no one knows until it comes! This story will Only continue in the game itself.

    08:59:43 [GameMaster.com]: It was a dark but bright night, the moon was shining a great white light
    09:01:57 [gwen.com]: the silence was broken by a mournful howl...
    09:03:22 [GameMaster.com]: Trees bristled in the wind, the howl echoing throughout the forest
    09:05:41 [gwen.com]: a second howl in the distance responded
    09:08:39 [GameMaster.com]: Howls echoing all around, then all a sudden *ching, ching ching* echos of a sword battle in the distance
    09:09:11 [Menika.com]: someone had come to rid the town of the wolves
    09:10:38 [GameMaster.com]: The locals wern’t having that, people all around watching as one of their own battled a hooded stranger
    09:11:42 [Weliczka]: it seemed like a big battle was going to begin there
    09:13:48 [GameMaster.com]: As the hooded stranger went to pierce through the locals heart, someone ran between, his staff risen magic pouring out
    09:14:31 [gwen.com]: Gwen Glowed with a mana sheild and outrage
    09:16:32 [GameMaster.com]: Suddenly gwen poured his heart and soul into his magery, flames bursting all around flaring to life hitting the hooded stranger, and knocking off his hood
    09:17:03 [Brian Griffin]: Apperantly, asteroid went to a costume party before getting back to the town
    09:19:06 [GameMaster.com]: gwens flames licked close to asteroids face
    09:20:25 [Brian Griffin]: Little bits of his helmet started smoldering
    15:23:58 [GameMaster.com]: The helmet on asteroids head was getting hot, someone yelled out gwen to stop, he was trying he really was but flames kept licking at asteroids face
    23:47:58 [Family guy.com]: then gwens tongue went lower
    23:49:51 [GameMaster.com]: Gwen tried to drag his lowering tongue back into his mouth whilst also trying to contain his flames, but neither were making it easy
    23:51:00 [Family guy.com]: he was thrsty and that waterbowl looked so good
    23:54:51 [GameMaster.com]: The lion cub that asteroid had found along his travels was drinking out of the waterbowl gwen was eyeing off, it started gwen in the eyes, golden flames vibrating through the air hitting gwen square in the forehead
    00:00:56 [Brian Griffin]: Ezibito finally woke up from all the sound going on around him after he passed out in the bushes being exhausted from carrying Asteroid all the time during his travels
    00:02:46 [GameMaster.com]: The little lion cub lifted up her head when she saw that ezibito had woken from his nana nap, she ran over to him and licked his eyeball
    00:03:45 [Brian Griffin]: Ezibito being the weak man he is, directly fell in love with the Lion cub all over again runnin around in search for Flo wanting to show her
    00:06:42 [GameMaster.com]: When ezibito finaly found flo after running around like a headless chook he showed her the lion cub who lightly nipped at flos fingers
    00:08:30 [Family guy.com]: she dropped the lion in a fiery retreat “Ugh 666death666 watch the fingers!!!”
    00:13:49 [GameMaster.com]: A young man walked into the inn when he heard the commotion of the lion being dropped, he looked at flo, flo looked at ezibito, ezibito looked at him. A stare off began
    07:10:45 [Arwen]: and then flo fell asleep on them
    07:12:31 [GameMaster.com]: A loud noise in the sound of a sigh came from the corner, everyone jumped, not realising someone else was there
    07:16:43 [Margoszka]: No one could even imagine it might be the last seconds of their life.
    07:18:44 [GameMaster.com]: Sand began pouring out of the figure his head full of red hair, eyes of the sea ''Please stop making so much NOISE''
    07:30:47 [Margoszka]: but the deafening noise was becoming more and more loud until no person could handle it any more. It seemed like their ears were going to start bleeding.
    07:33:32 [GameMaster.com]: Gaara Growled, his eyes starting to change ''no no I cannot handle this!''
    07:34:17 [Menika.com]: flo slapped him and told him to control himself. he found it hard.
    07:51:56 [GameMaster.com]: Everyone gasped and watched on in anticpation, no one had expected flo to wake up and slap gaara, and those who did not know the relationship between the two but had seen gaaras rage were shocked and scared at the same time
    07:54:40 [Menika.com]: but flo had been right, and snapped gaara out of his rage.
    07:59:35 [GameMaster.com]: Gaara looked around, everyone shaking, he sighed again. He understood why everyone was scared, the demon within him went on a rampage everytime he got angry. He had a little more control over it these days but they all knew
    08:05:48 [Odyseusz]: his anger was what empowered him. Not only the anger but also his power scared everyone. It was his secret weapon.
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