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    For a long time there was no news. We are making up for lost time and are preparing to present a new one.
    • For the new year, we promised to count Winter Souvenirs and give out prizes to those who will have more of them. Here are the results: 122 souvenir collected Het, 120 from Kentavr win and 111 souvenirs in the collection from Woodju. We congratulate the winners!
    • We fixed some server errors, like scrolls in Crucible Furnace, invisible characters, etc. And how many we have corrected every small things - do not count.
    • The fight for the repair bugs in "Stalker mode" continues. Soon we will win.
    • From tomorrow, the Qinpei bird will be reborn at a random time of day. We ourselves do not know when this will happen, so do not ask :)

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