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    Dear Players!

    The 2017 year is on the finish lane, we need to sum up the outgoing year and have a talk about the future hopes before New Year holiday. However, it seemed to us that it would be completely unfair if we will not hold the much-loved contest: "Mr. DarkSwords 2017” this year. Thus, the fight for the title of Mr. DS 2017 is declared open.​

    Contest "Mr. Dark Swords 2017"

    The contest topic is "Summarizing". We would like to see not only photos, but also mini-stories. Men should share with all of us what they had achieved over the past year. What heights were conquered? Maybe you have jumped with a parachute first time? Share with us all your personal feat.

    The requirements for the photos is not very strict, just stick to the idea of the contest.​

    Requirements for participants and competitive works:

    1. All male players are allowed to participate.

    2. You should make an application form for participation in a form of a letter (the structure will be described below) and sent to the:

    3. The maximum attached photos is 6 (one of which is should with the open game client on a background)

    4. The letter must include a story about yourself in English or Russian without grammar and punctuation mistakes.

    Photo requirements:

    1. Photos should be YOURS.

    2. Photos should be clear, good quality, no photoshop, etc.

    3. Concerning the content of the action/environment imprinted on the photo: works containing inappropriate elements of the interior or life, as well as those that do not correspond to the subject of the contest or demonstrate the addictive habits of the male half of humanity will not be exhibited.

    4. To confirm that photos are exactly yours, in addition to five competitive photos, send one more. It should show your face and the background: any display with the running DS client. By default, this photo will not be published. However, participants may ask to be shown as one of five.

    5. All photos will be pre-selected in accordance with these requirements. A participant may be asked to replace an inappropriate photo.

    6. Photos should not be used in others “Mr. DS”.

    The letter:

    1) The subject of the letter should be like: the name of the contest, then the ingame name (e.g.: "Mr. DarkSwords 2017" Judge).

    2) Duplicate the ingame name and give a direct link to your character in letter text.

    3) Write your real name (if you want, that it was not indicated at registration of the application, notify this request clearly enough in the letter) and age.

    4) Attach a text file (.doc, .txt or google doc) to the letter or write the story text in letter.

    Letter example:

    Subject: "Mr. DarkSwords 2017" Judge


    1. The judge

    2. John Smith, 37 years old (I want to hide the name/age).

    3. Attachment to the letter: 5 photos +1 with a display on a background (+ running client) and a person.

    4. The story about yourself.

    P.S. Participants can ask additional requests for registration of their application on the forum or in letter (a certain text color, order, photos watermarks and so on). In case of possibility of such registration, the application will be executed in accordance with the requirements of the participant. Each design element is agreed separately by the Organizer.

    Features, prizes and summing up:

    1. The specially selected Jury will sum up the results.

    2. The results will be summed up as:

    - one winner will be identified and take the first place by decision of the Jury;

    - as well as the 1st Vice-Mister DS, 2nd Vice-Mister DS, as well as several more nominations, one of which is the Winner of Audience sympathies, another one is the Hero of the Year (the most expressed subject of the contest).

    3. Deadline for applications: 25th of December, 2017.
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    The nomination winners will get 250 pt each.

    2nd Vice-Mister will get 500 pt.

    1st Vice-Mister will get 750 pt.

    The winner of our contest and the owner of the proud title: “Mr. DS 2017” will get a chance to choose between 1250 pt or a unique pet — The Immortal Chorus.

    Pet features:

    - does not get old;

    - increases the carry weight by 25%.

    Beats for choose:

    - for the attack uses one of the magic (fire, lightning, cold), chosen by Mr. DS 2017 by himself

    - or "blindness + dead grip + balance loss" like a Genie.

    Passive skill:

    - The second chance (for choose: at death in PvP battles, or in PvE battles).


    The jury will be announced a little later during the contest
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