New Rules On Voting For Favourite Avatar

Discussion in 'New Years Avatar Contest' started by NeFRoN, Jan 3, 2018.

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    Dear friends! Congratulations on the occurring New Year 2018!!!

    It's time to take stock of the New Year avatar contest.

    The definition of winners will take place in 2 stages.

    At the first stage, everyone chooses 3 avatars, who they like more than others. The links to the characters with the avatars you select are listed in the message. To vote please comment with the link to your fav avatar in the reply section. This would exclude the voting of the Multiple accounts. Votes from multiple characters of the same player will not be counted when summing up. At the end of the voting 10 avatars will be selected who have gained the most votes.

    After that the second stage of determination of winners comes. From the selected 10 avatars, the independent jury will select three characters whose avatars are the winners.
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