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    • Prisms and runes are no longer given for login, killing monsters and players;
    • All prisms (blue, yellow, red and from China) now will open without the Rune of Destruction;
    • Offering to the Gods no longer requires a prism. Use instead the ritual_pvp and ritual_pvm commands;
    • Every 6 hours, 200+ lvl players get a free "Roulette Ticket" until the number of tickets reaches the maximum (check the currency window);
    • Players can play roulette and get valuable prizes for the tickets;
    • Players can buy tickets by themselves and permanently increase the maximum number of free tickets from 3 to 10;
    • Roulette tickets are also the bonus to your platinum purchase via dealers: 150 pt — 6 tickets, 500 pt — 25 tickets, 1000 pt — 60 tickets, 2000 pt — 200 tickets (if you have more than 5 tickets — the quick game become available);
    • There will be additional ways how you can get the Roulette Tickets in the nearest future.

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  2. Arwen

    Arwen Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Not being able to choose between PVE and PVP renders this almost useless for PVE players. Got only 1 item not religion for my PVE player.
    13:12:03 [Double Trouble]: change to roulette is really useless for pve players
    13:12:15 [Flo]: [Double Trouble]: that what I just said!!
    13:12:26 [Double Trouble]: [Flo]: i confirmed it
  3. Double Trouble

    Double Trouble New Member

    I used roulette tickets on several chars, at least 7. Out of 21 tickets, i got 2 pve items.
    Why not just like in prisms, pve and pvp option? why i would need a mirror? To see if a mob is behind me? and what i do with diseases? infect a mob? If you want pve players to stay in game, you better make some changes
  4. New Member

    same opinion - so pls add pvp & pve option.

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