Jan 5, 2019
  • Agriculture


    Agriculture Badge Is a Profession used to collect herbs You can collect massive amount of herbs using it. These herbs are in making Buff Pots and gene pots.

    • Seeds (Burn herbs with furnance to gain seeds, 10 seeds per herb)
    • Potash (2 plat Plat/Artefact Alchemist shop)
    • Sapropel (4k gold Alchemist in BT, ES, CIC)
    • Water (2k gold Alchemist BT, ES, CIC)
    • Mower (15 Plat, Prisms or roulette) or sickle (1 Plat /Artefact Alchemist shop) ((I recommend mower)),
    • Optional items
      • Druidic Stones (plat purchase; lottos; Prisms/roulette)
      • Horn of Plenty (plat purchase; lottos; Prisms/roulette)
      • Lifegiving seeds (Valor Shop, lottos)
      • MULE you will need for the weight of the herbs
    How to plant and harvest (plants take 20 mins to grow and you have 15 mins to harvest)
    • To Obtain seeds the player needs to use herbs with crucible furnace (burning herbs is 0 use). Before you burn the herbs make sure you have only the number of herbs you want to burn or it may burn all of them. 1 herb makes 10 seeds.
    • Potash and 2pt for 1,000 (Artefact Alchemist); Water 2k gold and Sapropel 4k gold each can only be bought in a pot shop (City in Clouds, Black Town, Everspring Town)
    • Mower, 15 plat, and Sickle, 1 plat, may be purchased from the Artefact Alchemist (recommend mower).
    Method 1
    • Now, find a place where herbs can be grown and start planting seeds. Place the seeds in slot 1; water in slot 2, mower in whatever number slot you prefer. Buff yourself for a 20 minute timer and start planting.
    • Place 1-4 seeds and then use water, the fertilizer autoplants with the seeds. Plant 8-10 boxes. Now wait for 10 mins, then plant more seeds on next boxes. Now wait for 10 mins more. It takes 20 mins for the sprouts to grow. Adjust times as you learn what works best for you.
    • When buffs run out (total of 20 mins from 1st seed) go back to first place and start mowing using sickle or mower. As you finish mowing the box, plant more seeds and water them and keep moving in a circle planting and harvesting.
    Method 2
    • Purchase the lifegiving seed (1 hour effect), this pot gives you 3x the time to plant. ( use valor points)
    • Purchase horn of plenty(2 pt) which gives 3x the harvest (1 hour effect)
    • Druidic Grindstone (5pt for 50 items) - When harvesting allows to cut the whole plants bush in locations at one time. In the case of a successful attempt consumes 1 grindstone.
    • These three pots combined produce maximum results farming.
    • To plant with these items Choose a large area to plant in. Buff for 20 minute timer before planting. Lifegiving seed, Plant, water, step, repeat.
    • Harvest when buffs run out, the herbs will be ready close to that time. THEN Horn of Plenty, harvest, plant, water, step, repeat.
    • Keep an eye on your Lifegiving seed and Horn of Plenty buff and refresh if needed. Alternate your type of seed as you need.
    • Better to buy a mule if you are planning to do the farming in mass because it makes the herbs weigh 0. The mule is available through Achievements.
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