Arkijah Town

May 24, 2015
Arkijah Town
  • Arkijah is the Major city in Enigmatic Kingdom of Tharassos and the common meeting area for players. Monster are not able to be attacked in town.

    Bullitan Boards have been removed. To replace them are the Classifieds.

    Classifieds are located at #2017. They are a group of 5 Quests taken at one time. They can be completed in the areas surrounding Arkjah.

    Quests (now in blue bubbles)
    • Rune of Destruction - opens Prisms found through DarkSwords, Seastone cost 100,000 gold.
    • A Just Reward - Gain quest charters from game quests (14:01:12 Quest 'Heresy' for levels 300 - 360 is starting. Please use Teleport to Fire [Soulbound] to teleport to the quest area.) turn in 2 charters - Reward 1 Valor
    Places of Interest
    • Dump - Location to sell junk items or animal parts
    • Alchemist - Potions and elixirs are sold here.
    • Bar - Place to deposit and store items for the clan.
    • Inn - Place to store items for self.
    • Stairway to Heaven - Central location of town. When you die you land here and able to get level 3 buffs from the teacher.
    • Armor Shop - A general store for all types of game Gear levels 75-180.
    • Bank - Place to store your gold so it can not be looted or stolen.
    • Guild - A school to learn a variety of Skills.
    • Religion Guild - A school to learn religion cults.
    • Laboratory - Where you brew potions or enchant/disenchant items.
    • Scribe - Place to buy and sell scrolls or recipes.
    • Artifact Shop - Place to buy scrolls/recipes for improved temporary Gear.
    • Currency Exchange (#1979) - Located in the old guild. Place to exchange gold to platinum and platinum to gold.
    • Altar of the Sun, Altar of the Moon, Altar of Chaos, and Altar of Order - places to take religion for pvp action.
    • Golden Pot Shop - Shop to use your tourney points for potions.
    • Artefact Alchemist - Potions and elixars can be purchased with Platinum
    • Achievement Shop - Achievement Points earned throughout the game can be spent here for a variety of items
    • Faith Shop - Shop you can spend the Faith points in for potions or elixars.
    • Conquest Shop - Shop you can spend your Clans conQuest Points.
    • Valor Shop - Shop you can spend the Valor points you have earned.
    • Holiday Shop - Shop were some unique snack/foods are sold.
    Arkijah has four exits:
    • North Gate leads out to Granddad Battlefield and up through the Desert
    • South Gate leads out to Fishers Market
    • East Gate leads out to Royal Warriors Camp
    • West Gate leads out to Menagerie
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