Buff Pots

Mar 24, 2015
Buff Pots
  • Usual positive buffs, which are studied in Guild of enchanters (and similar) have duration at overlaying a spell on itself (the spouse or the pupil) 20 minutes; on any other character - 10 minutes.
    The use of a 10th level elixir (can be prepared from collected herbs) - 15 minutes. The use of a 3rd level elixir (is for sale in Alchemical Shops of initial cities) - 15 minutes.

    • Tigers strength - increases value of parameter power; [10/15/20 minutes]
    • Feline grace - increases value of parameter dexterity; [10/15/20 minutes]
    • Steel body - increases value of parameter constitution; [10/15/20 minutes]
    • Wisdom of the owl - increases value of parameter inteligence; [10/15/20 minutes]

    Level 10
    [​IMG]Tigers strength [​IMG]Feline grace

    [​IMG]Steel body [​IMG]Wisdom of the owl
    Level 3
    [​IMG]Tigers strength [​IMG]Feline grace

    [​IMG]Steel body [​IMG]Wisdom of the owl

    • Bears blood - increases the life of the character; [10/15/20 minutes]
    • Aura of renewal - restores life at mana expenditure; [10/15/20 minutes]
    • Frenzy - increases damage of the character; [10/15/20 minutes]
    • Astral carnival - increases magical damage of the character (can be applied only on yourself); [15/20 minutes]
    Level 10
    [​IMG]Bears blood [​IMG]Aura of renewal
    [​IMG]Frenzy [​IMG]Astral carnival
    Level 3
    [​IMG]Bears blood [​IMG]Frenzy
    [​IMG]Astral carnival

    • Mirror shield - reflects a part of damage back to the attacker; [10/15/20 minutes]
    • Colossal endurance - increases stability of the character against special attacks; [10/15/20 minutes]
    • Iron skin - 5 protective layers from a physical damage (it is impossible to use when fighting, can be applied on yourself only); [15/20 minutes]
    • Layered defence - a shield with force of the double value of life of the character (can be applied on yourself only); [15/20 minutes]
    Level 10
    [​IMG]Mirror shield [​IMG]Colossal endurance

    [​IMG]Iron skin [​IMG]Layered defence

    • Radiant sphere - 5 protective layers from a magic damage (it is impossible to use in fight, can be applied on yourself only);
    • Cold resistance - reduces by half the damage caused by spells of elements of cold; [10/15/20 minutes]
    • Fire resistance - the same for fire; [10/15/20 minutes]
    • Lightening resistance - the same for a lightning; [10/15/20 minutes]
    * Three listed above effects are incompatible with each other, except for case when "Delicious Fish Broth" is used; this gives protection simultaneously from all three elements for 30 minutes;

    • Mana shield - damage caused to the character is transformed in mana expenditure with factor 2/1 or 3/1 depending on power of mana shield skill; [3 minutes, 60 minutes from Honey Spirit]
    • Sanctuary - reduces any type of a damage caused to the player by half; [3 minutes, 30 minutes from Muslim Carpet]
    • Paladins aura - allows receiving information on other characters and their dispositions during the moment of receiving of the status outlaw by them; [15 minutes]
    • Light steps - allows to overcome through Traps; [15 minutes, are removed by action of a magnet]
    • Tranquilization - under action of this effect the character cannot escape the fight; (use by the opponent in fight of Tranquilizer) [up to the end of fight or before use of Antidote]

    Level 10
    [​IMG]Mana shield [​IMG]Sanctuary

    [​IMG]Paladins aura [​IMG]Light steps
    [​IMG]Tranquilizer [​IMG]Antidote
    Level 3
    [​IMG]Mana shield
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