Bulletin Boards

Feb 18, 2015
Bulletin Boards
  • Changes being made for the level changes.

    For a small fee, quests can be taken from bulletin boards.These quests reward gold or experience and can be affected by increased server rates . Bulletin boards are located on the gates to all towns, Twilight Bay and Bone Gate, and on the star at NC, Mutants, Hades and Centaurs. During the first hour after entering the game in the day the characters will receive double reward for the mission.

    Bulletin Board Levels and Areas. The area you can take the quest in depends on the level range you are in:

    • 100- : Arkijah Town
    • 100- : Ruby Fort
    • 0-99 : Seastone Town
    • : Everspring Town
    • : Black Town
    • : Bone Gate
    • : Underground Town
    • : Twilight Bay
    • : City in the Clouds
    • : North Colony
    • : Mutant Forest
    • : Hades

    Merit Awards. Upon completion of the quest issued at a bulletin board, you gain Merit Currency
    (1 to 5). To see how many points you have, check the Currency panel. At certain increments of points you receive Merit Badges (in the flowers slots). The more missions, the higher the rank of badge. There are 10 ranks of merit badge. For each rank you receive a Valor, which can be exchanged in the Valor Shop.

    [​IMG]10 Merit [​IMG]30 Merit [​IMG]60 Merit [​IMG]120 Merit [​IMG]250 Merit[​IMG]400 Merit [​IMG]1000 Merit [​IMG]2500 Merit [​IMG]5000 Merit [​IMG]50000 Merit
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