Oct 23, 2018
  • Recommend high level and a solid group. The mobs are tough and high level.

    To get to China you need the Object of Pride from the Unique in Dragon Caves. With the Object go to the Abyss, down to the bottom, middle square wait to be sucked down to China.

    Take quest when land.

    Make sure Born at each Star, there are 2 in China.

    Each area has quests to gain access to the next area. These quest gain you keys / access to the following areas. Once past the main China Courtyard and going through the gates, kill each unique for the following gate.
    Past the gates are the Courts. Kill each unique for the drops you need to brew the scroll which is in scribe 5th Court. Kill all Uniques in the courts. In the Six Bridges of Limbo you need to clear all the mobs and kill King of Judgement, then wait till Angry King of Judgement show and kill him. Have someone road home to China star brew then stealth back to the group hand out the mercy scrolls.
    Take the mercy scroll to one of the areas listed below for the item desired. Remember take the quest before you take arrow up!

    1 scroll = 1 prism
    21517 - weapons
    21518 - Teleports
    21524 - spender prism (vplat)
    21523 - diseases
    21528 - Traps

    random on what type for each item.
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