Feb 28, 2018
  • Clones are duplicates of your main. To make a clone you need to be PAID level 360.
    10 million gold 1st Clone.
    20 million gold 2d Clone.
    30 million gold 3d Clone.
    40 million gold 4th Clone.
    (if amounts are different please let me know.)

    Clones are made on star only. You switch from one clone to another on Star. You can have a different avatar, Skills or superpower for each clone if you desire.

    Remember you can be still be killed as religion player, you become level 0, then you can start leveling up to 360 and pay for levels. Repeat make next clone. You may have 5 clones and level up to 380. When done leveling you may downgrade if you desire on any of the clones. HOWEVER if you are still trying to level up or make another clone you have to be minimum paid levels of 360 on each clone.

    For Gear you must be minimum level 100 for the subscription Gear, go to shop and get the lower Gears, they are all part of the same subscription.

    For other Gear buy or get from monsters.

    When you make your clone the race is the same as your main character. You can change the race and build of your clone buying or using guild redistribute, this does not change your main. You can have multiple races and Builds for all the clones.

    Inventory - you have a separate inventory for each clone, but share the same inn. So you move items through your inn for the clones.
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