Closed Areas

Oct 23, 2018
Closed Areas
  • These areas have been changed, mostly due to the Updates that occurred in October, 2014.
    Closed Areas
    • Puppet Theater
    • Slum (Quest Area for Old Dog and Kirri Got Lost
    • Magic Barrier
    • Old Oak
    • Outcasts Isle
    • Robinson Isle
    • Forest Spring
    • Royal Garden
    • Golden Kings Castle
    • Lords Pond
    • Far Outpost
    • Ancient Halls
    • Ancient Egypt

    Area Changes
    • Royal Depot is now accessible via Royal Palace
    • Lost Pyramid and Anubis Tomb currently do not have any monsters
    • Golden Kings Castle needs a key to be accessed - the scribe for this key is not available
    • Because of the closing of the regions that led to Underground Town, a new path has been made through Dino Valley
    • City in the Clouds can now be accessed via paths from various areas in the Moon Empire

    Quests Affected By Closed Areas
    Due to the changing of these areas, many quests cannot be completed, such as:
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