Nov 25, 2018
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    DarkSwords has currencies, that are used to buy certain items. They are obtained in many ways, but mostly passively by playing the game. Most currencies can be spent in their respective shops, for unique items. Currency amounts may be checked in the currency window.
    Types of Currency are:

    Gold - The regular currency of DarkSwords, can be obtained from other players, selling to shops, exchanging platinum, completing billboard quests, killing monsters, etc. Used to purchase anything but platinum Gear.

    Bank Gold - Same as gold, just stored in the bank where it can not be looted off of your body.

    Platinum - Platinum is the premium currency of DarkSwords. It can be bought from Dealers for USD or from players and Platinum exchanges for gold. (USD - United States Dollar)

    Achievement - This currency is earned by completing special goals or feats of strength throughout the game. Such as killing Uniques, players, creatures and more. Can be spent in the Achievement point shop located in Arkijah and City in Clouds.

    Conquest - This currency is earned during clan conflicts such as wars or sieges. It is spent at the Conquest shop located in Arkijah and City in Clouds.

    Faith - This currency is earned during religion events and conflicts. It is spent at the Conquest shop located in Arkijah or City in Clouds.

    Merit - Upon completion of the quest issued at Bulletin Boards, you gain Merit Currency (1 to 5). To see how many points you have, check the currency panel. At certain increments of points, you receive Merit Badges (in the flowers slots). The more missions, the higher the rank of badge. There are 10 ranks of merit badge. For each rank, you receive Valor, which can be exchanged in the Valor Shop.

    Mogash Points -

    Quest Points - Quest Points is a Currency obtained by completing server-wide quest events. These events happen regularly, and game modes rotate frequently. Quest Points may be spent at the Quest Alchemist.

    Tournament Points - This Currency is earned by competing in the tournaments held throughout the day. They are spent in the Tournament shop in Arkijah and City in Clouds.

    Candy - Candy is a limited time currency used to buy rewards from the Halloween Store during the Halloween event. It is obtained by completing the Candy quest.

    Valor - Valor is a currency obtained by defeating mortal enemies and by obtaining certain amounts of Merit Points. Valor can be used to buy items in the Valor Shop.

    Virtual Platinum - Platinum is a premium currency of DarkSwords. It can be bought from Dealers for USD (USD - United States Dollar). Won in the game through roulette or do quests for VPT Quest Chain City Arkijah starts them.
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