Dark Soul

Feb 27, 2015
Dark Soul
  • Dark Soul


    Every day a Dark Soul starts hunting on defenseless inhabitants of the world.
    The Soul comes into world for 180 minutes: our heroes with active
    religion above /0 level must protect us, finding and killing a
    monster which is affected by the Dark Soul. Dark Soul will appear only
    on Tharassos Continent. If the player succeeds in killing the dark soul,
    the player will be rewarded with religion experience, as well as
    receiving a standard prize. For killing the last, 13th soul, the player
    will receive a main prize.

    It is possible to receive the main prize with a chance of 15% if the player is using Hunters Soup effect and exterminates a soul containing a standard prize.

    Players can summon Shamans to banish the Dark Soul. In order to do that players need to put together a sum of 3 platinum by using
    a \skip_soul command (cost of the command - 1pt). The soul that was
    banished by Shamans will not be counted to the usual 13 and there will
    be no prize for it.


    Standard Prizes:
    [​IMG]Universal Trap [​IMG]Indulgence [​IMG]Magical Scanner

    Main Prize:

    [​IMG]Potion of Divine Intervention [​IMG]Potion of Divine Encouragement [​IMG]Rune of Destruction x3

    Quest Schedule
    Day of the Week/Quest Time (GMT)

    Sunday 7:00PM
    Monday 05:00 AM
    Tuesday 11:00PM
    Wednesday10:00 AM
    Thursday 02:00 PM
    Friday 11:00 AM
    Saturday 02:00 AM

    Updated 2015-02-21

    Dark Souls re-invented

    Now while killing monsters during the "Dark Soul" quest, reward will depend on the current player’s religion level:

    • Player 0 - 29 religion level will receive 100 religion EXP;
    • player 30 - 39 religion level will receive 200 religion EXP;
    • player 40 - 49 religion level will receive 300 religion EXP;
    • player 50 - 59 religion level will receive 400 religion EXP;
    • player 60 - 69 religion level will receive 500 religion EXP;
    • player 70 - 79 religion level will receive 600 religion EXP;
    • player 80 religion level and above will receive 700 religion EXP;
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