Dr. Kronys Island (Mutant Forest)

Mar 10, 2015
Dr. Kronys Island (Mutant Forest)
  • Dr. Kronys Island, often referred to as mutants or mutant isle, is reached by way of the boat in the last harbor.

    Ticket Price: 30,000 Gold

    Mutant Forest - Has Herbs

    Mutant Forest.png

    Mob levels: 377-390 (Religion level 29)

    377 Chameleguar -
    Drops Chameleguar Claw
    380 Oarlegged - Drops Oarlegged Foot
    384 Lynxtoad - Drops Lynxtoad Skin
    386 Rateater - Drops Rateater Skull
    390 Gryphonotiger - Drops Fenix Gear and Gold
    No Rare

    Alloy Steel, Yarn, Bloody Gems, and Meteors are random drops from these mobs.
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