Elemental Unity

Feb 18, 2015
Elemental Unity
  • Elemental Unity (Quest)


    Elemental Unity is a quest that starts in Bone Gate . The quest requires you to Collect the Elements and make the Elemental Unity Stone, and in exchange you will receive 5 Nabataean Zodiac, which allows the user to teleport to Zodiac .

    The first time you start this quest, it must be done in the order stated below. Upon completing the quest once you are permitted to complete each step in any order.

    The quest starts in Bone Gate as you enter it. Blue Quest Bubble contains this quest. You will receive a script to Make Elemental Unity.
    You must collect all four Elemental Stars to make the Elemental Unity.

    Elemental Unity: Fire
    • Go to Flame River
    • Kill Flame Elementals
    • Collect Fire Star

    Elemental Unity: Earth
    • Go to Underground City
    • Kill Mutated Mole
    • Collect Earth Star

    Elemental Unity: Wind
    • Go to the Abyss
    • Kill Something
    • Collect Wind Star

    Elemental Unity: Water
    • Go to Poisoned Creek
    • Kill Snake Catcher
    • Collect Water Star

    Upon completion of the quest, the player may complete all elemental quests in any order.

    This allows an optimal quest order
    • Bone Gate take quest get scroll.
    • Flame River
    • Poisoned Creek
    • Underground Town
    • Abyss
    • Brew
      Once you brew the stone the quest auto turns in and you get the 5 teles.
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