Feb 25, 2015
  • [​IMG]Essence of Violence

    Essence can be added to Gear to give it extra stats. The amount depends on mod and level of the Gear. Gear bought for gold, dropped from monsters, Craft Gear and Zodiac-Gear/">Zodiac Gear are 0 mod, and provide a base amount of bonus from essence. Plat Gear can range from 0.4 mod to 0.1 mod, and increases the amount of stats essence can provide.


    Essence can add raw attributes (such as health and mana), as well as stats that increase multiple attributes (strength, constitution).

    • Essence of Life- Adds Health (HP)
    • Essence of Sorcery - Adds Mana (MP)
    • Essence of Mystic - Mana Recovery per combat round
    • Essence of Spring - Health Recovery per combat round
    • Essence of Violence - Damage (DAM)
    • Essence of Hatred - Magic Damage (MDAM)
    • Essence of Reflection - Reflects a percentage of damage taken
    • Essence of Elements - Resistance for Three Elements (Cold,Fire,Lightning).
    • Essence of Ice - Cold Resistance
    • Essence of Flame - Fire Resistance
    • Essence of Lightning - Lightning Resistance
    • Essence of Knowledge - Chance to Cast (CHTC)
    • Essence of Precision - Chance to Hit (CHTH)
    • Essence of Lightness - Adds Carry Weight.
    • Essence of Wind - Adds Armor Count (Decreases hit chance of melee swings against you and increases damage of Spiked Armor)
    • Essence of Mind - Adds Intelligence (Int = MP, Mana Regen, MDAM, Element Resist and CHTC)
    • Essence of Might - Adds Constitution (Con = HP, MP, ABS, Cold Resist and AC)
    • Essence of Power - Adds Strength (Str = DAM ,HP, Fire Resist)
    • Essence of Stone - Adds ABS (Adds HP and also HP regen)
    • Essence of Quickness - Adds Dex (Adds AC, DAM, CHTH, Lightning Resist)
    • Essence of Soaking - Soaking Damage (Absorbs a percentage of damage you receive)
    • Essence of Suppression - Suppress Damage (Reduce the amount of reflected damage you receives)
    • Essence of Vampire - Life steal (regens HP when hitting)
    • Essence of Understanding - Mana steal (regens MP when hitting)
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