Eternal Flower

Jan 20, 2018
Eternal Flower
  • Access the service store through
    • To create the Eternal Present (Flower) contact a Dealer, pay 50 plat after the initial 1% and creation you can upgrade on the Store Page. The present is located below the Gear Subscriptions.
    • The Eternal Present upgrade for the Tournament Points decreased from 7 to 4 for 1 pt.
    • The Eternal Present can be created and upgraded for vplat.
    • The Eternal Present can be created and upgraded for gold at a rate of 4,000,000 gold per 1 pt.
    • You can upgrade Eternal Present for gold only up to 50%.

    • The cost of creating a new Eternal Flower 1% is reduced to 50pt.
    • Now the new image installation for flower will cost 50pt (including the change from default image) + the cost of Dealers render.
    • Images of all current flowers with standard image are changed to "Under Construction" and can be changed for free (you only pay for the Dealers render).
    • Players, who bought Eternal Flower will get an upgrade in amount not more than 200pt (300pt -50 creation and -50 image), and the rest will be returned in platinum until the 7th of December, 2016, If a player has 70% flower, 200 pt will be returned.
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