Everspring Teleport

Feb 18, 2015
Everspring Teleport
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    Teleports the user to Everspring Town. The teleport has a chance to not be consumed, depending on the player's level in the Aeronautics profession. This Teleport can be brewed using Brew Teleport to Everspring and also be bought at the Platinum Alchemist for 1 Platinum in the Teleport chest or in the Tournament Shop for 2 Tournament Points in the Teleport chest.


    Used to brew Teleport to Everspring.

    Buy for 30,000 at
    • Everspring Scribe Shop
    • 3 Ostrich Eggs - Ostrich - Pygmy Village

    • 2 Lizard Eye - Royal Lizard - Emerald Cape

    • 2 Jaguar Skin - Jaguar - Jungle

    • 2 Hippopotamus Teeth - Hippopotamus - Creek
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