Feb 11, 2017
  • There are several types of gear available in the game.

    1. Normal Gear. All levels 0-360 can be obtained in 2 ways.
    2. Zodiac-gear/">Zodiac Gear. Levels 305-360. The scrolls are dropped by the Uniques in Zodiac. You brew the gear by Mining fossils at Iron Caves. After brewing you may put Essence on it.

    3. Crafted gear. Level 0-360. You can purchase craft gear from other players, some personal shops or buy scrolls to make your own. For more information read here:

    4. Temporary Gear/Momentary Crafted and Personal Arts. Level 0-360. Now momentary artifacts are dropped from monsters! We intentionally increased the drop rate of equipment items from monsters up to 40%. And 20% of them will be momentary artifacts with usual durability. Such momentary artifacts can be broken and repaired by the currently existing rules. The level of dropped artifacts will be equal to the level of items that can drop from this monster. You can even get 1.0 artifacts from usual monsters! No subscriptions for such momentary artifacts is required. You are free to share and trade them with other players.
    • These gears work exactly like actual artifacts but only have 15000 durability
    • Magic shards can be used on these gears only. These shards come from quinted temporary gear that breaks after full use. You must have room in your inventory to receive these shards. This is an easy way to quint you gears upto +25 by using those shards from other people
    • There is a way to repair these gears by using hepaustus maul which can be available on players shops OR can be got from lottery.
    5. Platinum/Subscription Gear. Levels 0-360. You go through the Store on the main page

    After receiving the subscription, you will get access to the game artifact store, where you can take any artifact you want on your level and coefficient that you had ordered. You can take as many as you like. They will not break down and etc. At the end of the subscription they simply stop working. No one will take them from you.

    Artifacts will be available for subscription for 1, 1.5 and 3 months. The maximum coefficient/modifier of artifacts will be 1.0.

    Your existing personal artifacts as well as momentary artifacts will be removed and pt will be fully refunded as vplat (with which you can also buy gear subscription).


    · 0.4 for 30 days: 50 plat OR 100 v. plat
    · 0.75 for 30 days: 100 plat OR 200 v. plat
    · 1.0 for 30 days: 150 plat OR 300 v. plat
    To Obtain
    Reminder Platinum is purchased with real money or exchanged for gold at the exchanges. V. Plat can be purchased with real money also.
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