Oct 23, 2018
  • No longer in use, the few genes kept have been added to effects.

    Genes are additional boosts for buffing spells / pots.
    There are 2 ways to obtain genes. You can purchase them or brew them up.

    To purchase the genes you go to the store page and chose how long you want them for. They are under:

    Manage Subscriptions

    Order subscription "Genetics" and get all the genes level 20 immediately and without problems. If you have a simple genes, they will be frozen until the subscription ends. Genetics is available for virtual platinum. Be careful if you do not have enough vplat at your account, the full amount will be paid for usual platinum.
    The genetics subscription has also become available for gold at the rate of 4,000,000 gold per 1 pt

    1 day= 3 v.plat
    3 days = 8 v.plat
    14 days = 20 v. plat
    30 days = 35 v.plat
    90 days = 85 v. plat

    Brewing genes. The scrolls are located in the City in Clouds.

    Multiple use scrolls:
    Brew Modification of Body 1,000,000
    Brew Modification of Grace 1,000,000
    Brew Modification of Mana Sheild 2,000,000
    Brew Modification of Reflection 1,500,000
    Brew Modification of Sanctuary 6,000,000
    Brew Modification of Soaking 1,500,000
    Brew Modification of Strength 1,000,000
    Brew Modification of Suppression 3,000,000
    Brew Modification of Wisdom 1,000,000
    Brew Race Modification 3,000,000

    Single use scrolls:
    Brew Elixir of Divine Genetics 20,000,000
    Brew Elixir of Quickened Evolution 50,000,000
    Brew Genetic Longevity 10,000,000

    To brew the scrolls you need the special herbs in varying numbers Grape, Coffee, Ehinacea, Pea, and Hops.

    The Divine Genetics and Quickened Evolution speed up the process to get level 20 genes. The genes are on a timer and expire if you do not use a Longevity Potion.
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