Guild Reset

Feb 18, 2015
Guild Reset
  • Guild Reset

    Guild Of Lightning

    A guild reset allows the player to remove it's current Race, Base Stats, Avatar and Guild Levels and replace them with new ones. Resets last 24 hours, and have 5 charges.

    A reset can be obtained by buying it from the Platinum Alchemist for 50 Platinum.
    In the guilds resets are offered at an ascending cost for each use:
    • Free
    • 500,000
    • 10,000,000
    • 25,000,000
      They are also given out for free by the Administration for a number of reasons, which include:
      • Removal/Changes of Guilds
      • Promotional Offers
      • Events

      Once a reset is used, the player will get a button below their chat that says "Reset". Clicking this button will open a window that allows the player to change it's Race, Base Stats, Avatar and Guild Levels. Once the player has filled in all changes they wish to make, they must
      press the "Reset" button to confirm the reset. The reset will occur immediately, but a client restart is required for full functionality.
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