Kidnapped Rebecca Quest

Mar 6, 2018
Kidnapped Rebecca Quest
  • To do this quest you must be level 360.

    Quest starts on Centaur Island there are 7 parts to this quest.

    Step 1/7 Find the quest mob Centaurs Warchief in Cents first one at number 14878, Find the Centaurs Shaman(14860) Reward 50000 gold.

    Step 2/7 At the Centaurs Shaman take the next part of the quest. You receive instructions to go kill Judge of Souls in Hades. Collect 35 Fragment of Soul and return them to the Shaman. Reward 2186000 gold.

    Step 3/7 The Shaman now sends you to Mutants to investigate further. Kill mobs in mutants forest until you get the Letter of Darkness, Return to Centaurs Reward 1436000.

    Step 4/7 The Shaman now sends you to Last Harbor to kill Dead Sailor, Collect x10 Blood. You have 40 minutes and must not die during the quest. Return to the Shaman in Centaurs Reward 1384800.

    Step 5/7 The Shaman now Teleports you to the Pot shop in Mutants Chine. You are to Find Rebecca. She is held captive somewhere in Mutants Farm, you must find the descent into the cave where Rebecca is held. Location moves around, look till you find "The ground before your feet appears to have moved. This place certainly looks unstable." You will be sucked into the ground.

    Step 6/7 Do not attack the mobs until you speak to Rebecca. She asks you to Kill 10 Mutant Guardians you have 10 minutes and must not die. WARNING mobs are 800+ and are agro, they all will attack you. You most likely need to group to kill.

    Step 7/7 Deliver Rebeccas Ring to the Centaurs Warchief. Rewards: 10 Red Prisms of Majesty and 5 Intercontinental Teleport to Arkijah.

    1 time quest.

    Thanks to all who helped figure out this quest.
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