Leveling Guide

Feb 18, 2015
Leveling Guide
  • NOTE: This page is currently under construction, as leveling has changed. This guide does not take into account the gold required for guild levels. If you need gold try collecting herbs, animal parts or farm items and sell them for gold. Check personal shops, many purchase items for brewing. Bulletin Boards are a good source to earn gold.

    First steps: Creating an Account
    Choosing a class that is able to solo well will speed up the leveling process. Generic Builds can be found here. Seastone Town is the town you begin leveling.
    Level 1-99: Get buffs from someone, ask around Seastone or in open for a mentor and someone will be happy to buff you. Or get buffs on Star from the teacher. Once buffed, kill things around Seastone Town, the fastest route here is to sit on a gate of Seastone and kill the town guards. There are also quests surrounding Seastone to assist with leveling and gold to pay for levels.

    The farther you roam from Seastone the higher the levels of the monster are. There are quests in each area for gold and experience to help pay for the levels you are gaining.

    Do 10 Bulletin Boards to obtain 10 Merrit Points and Valor. Use Valor to receive the Divine reward which increases your exp gain by 300% .
    At 50 you need to go get your Superpower (Lycanthropy , Porphyry etc) will be very helpful from this level on.)

    • Do your daily Mortal Enemies, they have a chance to give a Valor when you finish them, which can be used to get Divine reward.
    • You gain Valor at Merit amounts.
    • Try not to die! Your divine reward looses duration when you die.
    • If you have an excess of Valour, you can use them to buy Mark of Valor to use as a 30 minute Unexcelled Accuracy pot for faster killing.
    • Be mindful of mob types, especially agros. Assassin agros at higher levels are able to one hit you, and caster agros with fanatic status also hurt alot. You can check what types the mobs are in a specific area by using the NPC Database .
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