Mage Builds

Apr 12, 2015
Mage Builds
  • You have 2 choices on the race for mages.
    • Humans are magicians mainly for single style of game. Armed with a staff, human combines strong magic attack and high chance of successful sorcery of fighting magic. The human has low Hit points, however it is fully compensated by ability to ignore protection and resistance of the contender, such magician is irreplaceable in fight against elf.
    • Drows – magicians for mass fights. Drow is the valuable fighter in any group because of the skill to cause a damage simultaneously to many opponents. However, unlike humans, drow cannot brag of high chance to cast that makes them dependent on the protection of partners. The way of drows’ development is difficult and approaches only for skilled players.
    Recommended Superpower is Hysteria.

    Choices of Guilds for Mage - what you want is very individual so choose carefully depending on what you want to do.
    School - # levels available in the school

    Mainly need:
    Element - 45 (Flame, Cold, Lightening)
    Mind - 60
    Combat Magic - 15

    Options after that:
    Wisdom - 45
    Sorcery - 45
    Warlocks -45
    Spellcasting - 15
    Power - 30
    Barbarians - 42
    Quickness - 30
    Vindicators 15
    Healers - 45
    Enchanters - 30
    Alterations - 30
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