Feb 18, 2015
  • Mining is a gathering profession used to collect Fossils. Fossils may be used to craft items such as Teleports and Craft Gear.

    A player must go to Iron Caves and pay them the license fee.
    Once paid, the player has 0 of 100, did not see time limit to collect ore. You move through Iron Caves searching for the ore then kill/dig it up. Horn of Plenty potions increase this amount threefold, and a higher level in the mining Profession may increase the amount of ore spawned by one. IMPORTANT! You are not able to take more than one at a time, it will wipe out the one you took before and still take your gold.

    Mining Taskmaster Location ALL fossils are now found in Iron Caves #1033 or 1014 will take you there.

    [​IMG] Sulphur: (Licence Cost 250000 gold)
    [​IMG] Lead: (License Cost 125000 gold)

    [​IMG] Silver: (License Cost 112500 gold)

    [​IMG] Stannum: (License Cost 100000 gold)

    [​IMG] Silicon: (License Cost 87500 gold)

    [​IMG] Peat: (License Cost 75000)

    [​IMG] Coal: (License Cost 62000)

    [​IMG] Copper: (License Cost 50000)

    [​IMG] Calx: (License Cost 37500)

    [​IMG] Iron: (License Cost 30000)
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