Orc Builds

Mar 30, 2015
Orc Builds
  • This is an in depth guide for orc PvP, by player Gillbuff
    Preparing for Fights
    In Combat

    You need a good Build which is generally around level 330 guild levels

    You need Buff Pots

    You need Gear

    Buff Guilds are not needed for PvP


    The following build is preferred for non-platted players
    Axe/maul(survival orc)
    • 60 power guilds
    • 45 martial art
    • 45 barbarians guilds
    • 15 academy of endurance
    • 15 maulers
    • 15 academy of butchers
    • 60 might guilds
    • 15 academy of protection
    • 15 academy of life
    • 45 guilds of healers

    For people with plat Gear, this build is preferred
    Offensive and Survival build
    • 60 power guilds
    • 15 academy of butchers
    • 45 martial arts
    • 45 barbarians
    • 30 quickness guilds
    • 45 fencing guilds
    • 15 vindicator guilds
    • 45 healers guilds
    • 60 might guilds

    With this build you obtain 40% Parry, 40% Shield of Faith, Tumble and loads of damage.

    Preparing for Fights
    First you will need these Buff Pots on you at all times:
    • Tiger strength
    • Bears Blood
    • Feline Grace
    • Frenzy
    • Steel Body
    • Sanctuary
    • Colossal endurance

    When in fight it is recommended to have the combat window open (options>client>combat window separate)

    Now go to combat window options> type in red highlight" Your slash severs"

    Now press f and create macro dispel

    Now start adding dispel magic to that macro by right clicking the dispel magic

    After you have added like 40 times now set a hot key for macro

    Now set a hot key for rampage which is your racial and main source of damage.

    Press y and you will have a buff window where you can see your buffs.

    You can highlight these buffs by left clicking a specific buff and setting a color

    In Combat
    Press your macro on dispel

    And start buff yourself as you get dispelled using the Buff Pots

    While fighting vs orc make sure you never let the colossal endurance wear off

    Now keep and eye at red indicator flashing on combat window.(this means the player is disemboweled)

    If you are survival orc you just need to turn your racial on

    If you are plated orc offensive build level 360

    You need to press x to swap your weapon to sword and press racial button

    You swapped to sword because sword gives more damage each successful strike.

    You use racial when disembowel because at this moment racial double your damage when person is disemboweled
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