Order Guilds

Jan 22, 2018
Order Guilds
  • The 9 orders available now are:

    · Order of Courage:for every lesson character will get +5% HP
    · Order of Magic Power:for every lesson character will get +5% MP
    · Order of Mastery:for every lesson character will get 10% chance to take no durability loss after hit or taking damage
    · Order of Deadly Blow: every lesson gives 0.1% to kill the enemy with one shot (has changed, checking with Admins on)
    · Order of Adventurers: each lesson wll reduce by 5% the waiting time for repeat quests, as well as reducing by 5% the cost of refreshing boards
    · Order of Easy Steps: each lesson gives you a 5% chance that you will move between locations without the usual 2 seconds tedious waiting.
    · Order of Cargo: each lesson adds 5% to your maximum weight.
    · Order of Conquerors: each lesson increases the damage vs monsters by 10%
    · Order of Zeal: each learned lesson adds 3% to the final value of the Strength, Vitality, Agility and Intelligence
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