Player Shops

Aug 1, 2018
Player Shops
  • Player Shops


    Player Shop There are several types of personal shops. There are shops that only Sell Items, the owner/clan keeps it stocked. There are shops that Buy and Sell items.
    • Personal shop: 1000 plat, 50 slots, Rent 30 plat per month
    • Personal shop Sell/Buy(Items): Rent 45 plat per month. To pay shop rent plat must be on the owner, open shop and plat is pulled off of the owner.The owners of private shops can move goods at any place, and also change goods’ place holding ‘ctrl’ To add new items to the shop drag the item and drop it in the shop, then put the prices you desire. Link for list of shops
    • Family shop: 2000 plat, 100 slots, Rent 60 plat
    • Clan shop: 3000 plat, 200 slots, Rent 60 plat
    • Family/Clan shop Sell/Buy(Items): Rent 90 plat per month
    • Change Owner of Shop: Personal - 200 plat; Family - 400 plat; Clan - 600 plat
    • As of 2014-12-20 Private Shops:
    • After 2 months of overdue the rent freezes.
    • After 3 months the shop will be removed from the map and everybody can take that place. Restoring process can be done via ticket system.
    • As of 2014-12-01 Reducing the private shop rent. Dear owners of private shops, alchemist and brewers. Please, pay your attention to the fact that we have facilitated recipes to reduce the alchemy price. Today we reduce the rent cost! The shop rent is reduced and now you can extend the usual shop just for 30pt for the month, shop with the purchase: 45pt, clan and family: 60pt, and clan or family with the purchase: 90pt. The changes will come into force on 2nd of December 2014 after restart.
    Private shop exchange rate: If you use command \shop_tax "gold", then rate will be recalculated as 4000000 gold for 1 pt.

    OLD / CLOSED SHOPS: If you own a shop that has been closed for a long time, you need 2 months rent on the owner of shop, contact one of the Dealers and let them know location you wish to have shop. Location will be check if available. Rent pulled and shop reopened.
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