Quinting Gear

Apr 6, 2018
Quinting Gear
  • A few ways to quint Gear to +25 now. First get your Essence then go to the lab to brew the Gear.

    Place the Gear and quintEssence into the open lab page and brew.
    Cost to brew is listed in the lab page for each type of item. As of April 2017, gold to brew 1st Essence based on level of Gear; then the QuintEssence is free.

    If you have a shard in your inn or inventory from plat Gear prior to change to subscription you can place it on your Gear. OR from dropped Gear and got a shard from it.

    Place the Essence you want on your Gear or you can change it later when fully quinted up to +25.

    You can combine reign Essence (Essences extracted from monster Gear) with the evaporator and add them to the Gear until +25. You have a chance of +1 / -1 each time you add. They no longer break to 0.

    You can also purchase quints at:

    Any Artefact Alechmist / Plat shop
    Evaporator - 10 plat
    Godly QuintEssence of Gods +25 - 15 Plat

    Mogash Shop
    Godly QuintEssence of Gods +25 - 15 Mogash Marks
    Godly QuintEssence of Gods +25 - 15 Mogash Marks
    Platinum QuintEssence (+1) - 7 Mogash Marks

    Merit Shop
    Godly QuintEssence (+1) - 125 Merit Points

    Quest Shop
    Godly QuintEssence (+1) - 30 Quest Points
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