Racial Ablities

Feb 18, 2015
Racial Ablities
  • Each race has a special ability.

    • racial ability «rampage»: maximal «suppression»; increases in physical damage on the target by the damage and size of the weapon in use, if the opponent is under the influence of «disembowel», then damage is doubled.
    • damage: increases due to racial ability.

    • racial ability «shadow dance»: maximal «suppression»; ignores «defensive stance» and «blocking by shield» Skills of the opponent.

    • racial ability «pathos»: maximal «suppression»; ignores «shield of faith» and «negate elements» Skills of the opponent (works only against target which is in focus of attack - not for mass magic).

    • racial ability «mountain king»: 5 layers of universal protection against a physical and magical damage.

    • racial ability «astral surge»: the strengthened mass magic damage (targeted distribution of 100%, 95%, 90%, 85%, 80%, the rest – 75% each); can cause additional effects of spells at two successful hits in a row.
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