Seastone Teleport

Feb 18, 2015
Seastone Teleport
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    Teleports the user to Seastone Town. The teleport has a chance to not be consumed, depending on the player's level in the Aeronautics profession. Can be obtained by brewing it using Brew Teleport to Seastone. Teleports to Seastone may also be bought at the Platinum Alchemist for 1 Platinum in the Teleport chest and also in the Tournament Shop for 2 Tournament Points in the Teleport chest.

    A Script that can be Brewed into a Teleport to Seastone.

    • 1 Donkey Hoof - Donkey - Travelers Well
    Buy for 30,000 at:
    • Bandits Scribe Shop
    • Miners Scribe Shop
    • Seastone Scribe Shop
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