Seastone Town

Apr 14, 2015
Seastone Town
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    Seastone is a Major city in Rainbow Kingdom of Tharassos and the starting area for new characters. Monster level 0 to 20.

    Bullitan Boards have been removed. To replace them are the Classifieds.

    Classifieds are located at #64. They are a group of 5 quests taken at one time. They can be completed in the areas surrounding Seastone.

    Quests (now in blue bubbles)
    Places of Interest
    • Dock - Locations to catch ships to far ports in game.
    • Dump - Location to sell junk items or animal parts
    • Alchemist - Potions and elixirs are sold here.
    • Bar - Place to deposit and store items for the clan.
    • Inn - Place to store items for self.
    • Stairway to Heaven - Central location of town. When you die you land here and able to get level 3 buffs from the teacher.
    • Armor Shop - A general store for all types of game Gear levels 10-120.
    • Bank - Place to store your gold so it can not be looted or stolen.
    • Guild - A school to learn a variety of Skills.
    • Laboratory - Where you brew potions or enchant/disenchant items.
    • Scribe - Place to buy and sell scrolls or recipes.
    • Artifact Shop - Place to buy scrolls/recipes for improved temporary Gear.
    • Currency Exchange (#77) - Located in the old guild. Place to exchange gold to platinum and platinum to gold.
    Seastone has three exits:
    There are also two arrows:
    • The Western Arrow leads to Golden Kings Castle (this area is closed and all classifieds to here have been removed.)
    • The Eastern Arrow leads to Seastone Sewers.
    There are six Docks in Seastone:
    • Dock #1 goes to Last Harbor
    • Dock #2 goes to Northern Colony
    • Dock #3 goes to Emerald Cape
    • Dock #4 is a Fishing boat
    • Dock #5 is a Fishing boat
    • Dock #6 is used for a quest
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