Feb 25, 2015
  • Dragonhead Staff - Increases maximum and minimum damage while using a staff in one or both hands.
    Tumble - Grants a chance to roll away from a skill being used against you.
    Shield of faith - Grants a chance to abosrb all incoming magical damage.
    Sleight of Hands - Grants the ability to try and steal from the target.
    Backstab - Grants a heavy damage attack based on the targets health, level of skill, damage of dagger.
    Open wounds - Grants a chance to bleed a % of the targets health, based on the skill level of open wounds and the targets max health.
    Stun - Grants the chance to stun the target, preventing the target from performing any combat action for a duration.
    Disarm - Grants a chance to disarm the target causing them to attack with fists only for a duration.
    Defensive Stance - Grants the use of the Parry skill which give a chance to deflect incomming physical damage.
    Ingenious Tactics - Increases Armor by an amount based on the armor and mind stats.
    Elemental Harmony - All attack spells of the player have a dispersion of 1.3*loss. Also allows the ability to ignore Negation of Elements in 50% of cases.
    Spellcasting Prodigy - Allows two spells to be cast at once. (One dispell and one damage, one buff and one damage.)
    Attack Focus - Causes all Physical damage done to be maximum possible value for the player in question.
    Survival Specialist - Grants incresed health based on the players level * the level of the skill.
    Blade, Dagger, Axe, Polearm Mastery - Increases damage done with the weapon you have learned the mastery for.
    Bachelor in Magery - Allows Elite magic to be cast without the one turn cooldown.
    Second Chance - Allows the player to sometimes be healed to full health and mana when they would have take a death blow.
    Stealth - Allows the player to hide from oher players and creatures in the game.
    Dual Wield - Allows weilding of a weapon in each hand and increases off hand damage.
    Elemental Mastery - Increases the minimum damage for attack spells.
    Autohypnosis - Allows the player to regenerate 50% of his maximum mana per turn while resting.
    Titanic Might - Increases the maximum weight a player can carry.
    Extreme Metabolism - Increases the speed of health and mana regeneration.
    Vigor - Increases the amount of life the character has per level of skill multiplied by the amount the players natural constitution, taking race into account, increases regeneration of character’s life for the level of skill multplied on the square root of the character's natural constitution.
    Riposte - Grants a chance to deflect the targets physical attack and counterstrike with an attack of your own.
    Negate Elements - Grants the ability to cause resisted attack spells to deal no damage instead of the normal half damage.
    Bloody Carnage -
    Disembowel - Grants a chance to reduce the targets total health and mana by a % based on level of skill.
    Layered Defense - Grants the ability to cast a absorbtion shield based on double current health. Has a cooldown.
    Break shield - Grants a chance to prevent the use of the shield for a duration.
    Sweeping Swing - Grants a chance to knock the target down, reducing the targets CHTH and increases the players physical damage delt for a duration.
    Reflect Shield - Allows the shield to be used in place of a wand for Shield of Faith as well as allowing the shield to block some magical damage.
    Weapon Parry - Allows the offhand weapon to act as a shield for defence calculations.
    Seeking Blade - Grants the ability for the sword to never miss. Damage based on skill level.
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