Apr 8, 2016
  • There are 3 types of Unblockers. Cold Unblocker, Fire Unblocker, and Lighting Unblocker.

    Block the Corpse - blocks the chosen corpse of any character by one certain magic for a day (cold, fire or lightning). During this time it is impossible to return blocked corpse by the use of Returners or search party, it is impossible to loot or search it, and it is also impossible to apply another blocker to it. It is possible to remove the blocking only by an elixir Unblock the Corpse of the corresponding elements. It is impossible to determine which element was used block the corpse. During application of the unblocker it will still be used despite the result of unblocking (concurrence or discrepancy of elements). Unblock the Corpse elixirs can be purchased or made independently using corresponding recipe.

    [​IMG]Make Cold Unblocker
    [​IMG] Cold Unblocker removes a cold block on a corpse. This affect is applied by players, using a Cold Blocker.

    [​IMG]Make Flame Unblocker
    [​IMG] Flame Unblocker removes a Flame Block on a corpse. This affect is applied by the Genie Unique or by players, using a Flame Blocker.
    [​IMG]Make Lightening Unblocker

    [​IMG] Lightening Unblocker removes a Lightning block on a corpse. This affect is applied by players, using a Lightning Blocker.

    To brew Unblockers the recipe is the same. You use a different scroll for each unblocker, or you can buy them from the Platinum Alchemist for 2 Platinum.

    • 6 Black Mist - Martyr Shade - Tartarus
    • 9 Sky Stone - Yinglong - Dragons Cave
    • 7 Locust Wing - Locust Hound - Enigmatic Animals Cave
    • 9 Fireheart - Flame Elemental - Flame River

    Buy scrolls for 17,000 at:

    • Black Scribe Shop
    • Everspring Scribe Shop
    • Sky Scribe1
    • Underground Scribe Shop
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