VPT Quest Chain City Arkijah

Jan 24, 2019
VPT Quest Chain City Arkijah
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    Chain city Arkijah (Enigmatic Kingdom).
    1. The problem with real Estate Starts: Quest mob: the Landlord at the point 2006
    So, you. Yes, you. What's your name? And although it makes no difference to me. The money they want? Look - you want. The case is the following. Most recently he worked as a bookseller. Like traveled the world, collecting local legends. It doesn't matter. That's what's really important-he didn't pay last month rent! The last time I went to him for rent, he said something about a great treasure of the king. And now he was gone. Not paying!
    See now the mess here? It homeless, frogly then looted everything. The only thing you can earn is his book. But these bums took his manuscript. The only thing left - the contents of a book! Do you want to earn? Help to put together his book! Publish it and maybe even get something.
    Have had the subject: "table of contents" (recipe). For Making books: from mobs Frog level 183 in the city Arkijah fall: cover, verse 1, verse 2, verse 3, verse 4.
    Purpose: to Manufacture and bring: the Book "Four daughters".
    The phrase at the beginning of the quest
    Homeowner: Come on. I've been too long not seen the money.
    The window at the end of the quest: Collected? Well done. Come here. Let's see what is written.

    2. "Four daughters" the Beginning: Quest mob: the Landlord at the point 2006
    I read this 'Book'. I can't imagine how 'it' can be anything. It says four of the dead daughters of the King of Arkijah. It was the usual children's tale. But this crazy, apparently was so captured by this story that he went to the Royal Palace. Try to go on his trail. Most likely, this short-sighted went straight to the King, whose spirit, as they say fools live in the Royal castle.
    Find: King Jaykee (Ghost view) (2366)
    The phrase at the beginning of the quest: why are you so slow? Faster means FASTER!
    The window at the end of the quest: 'Every word Ghost is given with great difficulty.' Now.. are you?...

    4. Private conversation Beginning: quest mob: King Jaykee (Ghost view) (2366)
    Peace... I.. want.. the rest.. My... daughters.. My.. four..daughters.. They.. died.. And... no.. im.. peace.. And.. not.. be.. quiet.. me... Help.. me.. and.. daughters.. the Reward will be great....... Answer.. is.. in.. the verse..
    Objective: return to the Landlord (2006).
    The phrase at the beginning of the quest: Peace... want....
    The phrase at the end of the quest: are You a turtle? What roundabout routes?

    5. First daughter. Quest monster: the Landlord (2006)
    So you spoke with the king's Ghost and he promised a reward if we pacify the souls of his daughters, and the key is in the book? Are you crazy? Want to do do yourself. The book will not give up. Can read, but then we're here for your help. Here is the first verse:
    The first daughter in the Mysterious forest
    I decided to go at dawn.
    After all, how beautiful and so many miracles!
    Not all are driving around in her carriage.
    Suddenly saw he rushes toward her Gryphon,
    Claws tearing, eyes blazing!
    Through the forest swept only the plaintive moan,
    Killed the young Princess.
    What I want with it and do it.
    Objective: to Find the spirit Princess Aulani in a Mysterious forest. (3050)

    6. Griffins. Quest mob : the Princess of Avlona (3050).
    Oh.. how beautiful.. But this GRIFFIN. This dirty beast! This creature is! Kill it! Find the most and kill it! I remember that the Griffon had Red glowing pen.. Bring it to me as evidence of retaliation!
    The goal: to kill and collect Griffins red glowing feather and bring it Princess Alane (3050).
    The window at the end of the quest: Thank you.. I'm free...

    7. Second daughter. start: 2006 Homeowner
    But when you stay away from me? The second verse? You first, then deal? Okay. The deal is more valuable than money. Second:
    The second of the daughters in the chambers of their
    Handkerchief for the groom embroidered
    Pattern wrote the beloved poem,
    But palce suddenly fell to the floor.
    His cat grabbed and ran
    She found herself in the village,
    Where a dead dog claws tearing flesh,
    She was swallowed in the moment.
    Aim: the Princess Urania in the village of the living dead (3861).
    The window at the end of the quest: I'm glad someone living...

    8. The author of death. Quest NPC: Princess Urania 3861
    Want to help me find peace? Avenge my murderer! The person responsible for my death! What? Dog? Yes, and here dog?!! I say that damn cat! I was killed for it! I bitten, but he lives in Ruby Forte! You will easily recognize him! He has collar still Hoop! Bring them to me!
    Goal: kill a stray cat in ruby Fort to dislodge the Royal Hoop.
    The phrase at the beginning of the quest: Kill this beast! I hate it!
    The window at the end of the quest: Thank you. Sorry for the anger. It's a local Lord. All dead here become aggressive. I'm free.

    9 the Third daughter
    I have even started to get bored. The third? Well, let's listen to the third:
    The third Princess loved to be sad,
    To sit in solitude languid,
    Watch the water, fish quietly fishing,
    In Porto, this place is secluded.
    On the bridge she went, into the distance Estrelas
    Dreamy maiden eyes
    And suddenly stumbled. Fell, bending
    Dead - was her verdict.
    The phrase at the beginning of the quest: You were then a go, tell me what happened or not..
    Objective: talk to Princess Vesta 20452.
    The window at the end of the quest from the Princess Vesta: Fish-Fish. Fish of my dreams.

    10 Fish dreams. Quest NPC: Princess Vesta
    Where are you, the fish of my dreams? Where are you, my Mila. Why didn't I catch that fish! I have no peace until I get this smelt!
    Purpose: to bring a smelt.
    The window at the end of the quest: URAAAA! Thank you! Mawk.. I mean, I'm free! Good luck to you.

    11 Fourth
    Judging by your running, while you were coping. Well, we almost fulfilled our agreement. Last verse:
    In the vaults of the old Princess is
    Defeated by terrible news!
    All the sisters were killed, and heart pounding-
    I do not why to live, it's not important!
    On the beam quietly standing in the shadows
    Decide it is not difficult
    What is this life,all dead, all in the darkness
    Put loop gently..
    All. Over the life of the latter,
    Them tomorrow not to be at dawn.
    There are only palce, ,baubles, and there was
    There are poems scattered in the wind.
    Objective: to Find a Princess Anika (2779) and talk to her
    The window at the end of the quest: What? All my sisters are peaceful? And is it true? Thank you.. Thank you.

    12. Reward. Quest NPC: Princess Anika 2779
    All the sisters are free. All is calm. Not even me. My father is the King. Tell the news to him and he will reward you!
    Goal: talk to King Arakida (2366)
    The window at the end of the quest: My .. daughter.. to go.. Thank.. you.. Get... his.. reward.. She.. really... Royal...
    Reward: Bag with VAC.
    first quest
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