VPT Quest Chain Part 2

Feb 9, 2018
VPT Quest Chain Part 2
  • Quest monster: a servant of the Lord :3490
    1. Strengthen the defense.
    Hello. Allow me to introduce myself.. Although this is not essential. I represent the Highest Authority of the Boundary Kingdom, namely, of the ruler of our Lord. I have a mission, but to be honest, I'm just lazy to implement it. How are you doing I give you payment, and willl stand here. It's nice. The first thing to do is to go to the General's camp and see how things are going.
    Find questgo PS 4102 (General)
    The phrase at the end of the quest from the General: What do you want?

    2. Deserters. Quest mob: General (4102)
    How are we doing? How are things? We've got martial law. We keep on our borders something in Seastone and Arkijah these rare rats even see have not seen. Not only that, we have a problem with monsters of all kinds, and Deserters! The last troops ran away, and was pretending to be miners. And themselves - drunks drunks. According to the law of war, condemn these Deserters to death. And bring back their tokens.
    Goal: kill drunken miners in the Mining town and collect 8 miners tokens and bring them to the General.

    3. Check the Fort. Quest mob: General (4102)
    Well, the Deserters you helped me. can you help in one more thing? Help me - I'll give you the report for Lord. I have not received data from the Western Wood Fort. Check how they're doing.
    Objective: to Find the Chief of border Guards in 1876.
    The phrase at the end of the quest: Oh, strangers at the border.

    4. Back to the General.Quest NPC: captain of the Guards in 1876.
    Yes, we all quiet. Tell the General that he need not worry.
    Goal: to Return to the General (4102)
    The phrase at the end of the quest from General: Come quick. I just thought of a new job.

    5. Return with report Quest mob: General (4102)
    Well, Yes. The last assignment. Such a useful soldier is hard to find. But this is really the last task. I promise. From East Wooden Fort I just got the report. They have problems with a Grizzly. Kill 20 grizzly. And the report is yours.
    Objective: Kill 15 Grizzlies in the region of copper cliff.
    The phrase at the end of the quest: all right. Now fill the report.

    6. A Drunken Servant. Quest mob: General (4102)
    All. The report is ready. Give it to the Lord. The state of Affairs is not critical. But a little funding wouldn't hurt.
    To issue a character Report for Lord.
    The phrase at the beginning of the quest: goodbye, soldier.
    Purpose: to bring a Report to the Lord the servant of the Lord 3490
    The window at the end of the quest: O.. IK.. You're back already?.. Why... so early.. Well..... here's the reward..
    Award: Fee Lord (bag VAC).
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