VPT Quest Chain Part 4 Black Town

Apr 2, 2018
VPT Quest Chain Part 4 Black Town
  • VPT Quest Chain Part 4
    Quest Start: Black Town 5503
    1. Quest monster: Immigrant: Change of residence. Oh hey, Come on in. What's your name? ... means. I just recently moved in. You probably heard about my problem? No? Then why did you go? And, well, does not matter. Can you help me in my problem? (You notice strange spots on the skin of your new friend) And, you seem to understand my problem, Yes? I just recently moved here. And here I mean not only the house, but the Kingdom. I left Seastone. I think its noisy. All these docks.. I'm here. And I don't understand why my skin changes color. Why my hair becomes white. Can you help me? Find the Alchemist in the Vineyards. Maybe he can tell what is this illness.

    Find Alchemist. Vineyard Alchemist Shop. 4977 Quest "Change of residence" completed.

    2. Disease. Hmm. Didn't think someone willingly would move to Black City. Does anyone still not heard about the curse? Now, wait till I get the right book. Oh, here it is. I can tell you only part of the story. You will have to look other part elsewhere. But later. Now the story. A long time ago, a City that you known as Black, was founded by two friends. They ruled democratically and fairly. But later they had the quarrel. Then we saw the curse. The book doesn't say about what was the reason of quarrel of how to unspell the curse. But I know someone who will tell you more - Amphibos. You should find him and ask.
    Find Amphibos. Black Beach 5034. Quest "Disease" Completed. Someone decided to get something with it? After so many years. The Legend is still alive. Let me tell you something, what I still remember. later I will refresh my memory and tell you more. You'll laugh, or maybe not, but after Two King built themself castles, Rulers began competing with each other in the splendor of the Palaces. And they had a eternal dispute - cats or dogs. But come in later, I will tell more when I refresh my memory.

    3. Cats or dogs. And, you again. I remember, listen. The ruler of the castle, now known to you as a Cursed Castle, loved dogs very much. The king took himself so many dogs and such rare breeds that it was hard to imagine. The other ... the Black Sovereign loved cats. He took the panthers from all over the continent. Just one Ruler increased the number of dogs in the Cursed Castle, and the Black Sovereign increased the numbers of panthers in his Castle immediately. At first it was just like a competition. But then the most beloved of the panthers of the black ruler was killed. She was torn by dogs. The Black Sovereign was angry. Never had such a conflict. He cursed everyone in Cursed Castle to kill them all and transform them on ghosts. But for Ruler.. The Curse turned the ruler into a monster like the ones le loved. That's why He is Lord Beast.
    Find Amphibos. Quest "Cats or dogs" completed. The curse of the Black Sovereign was out on his control. The reason was the power of anger of the Black Sovereign. He so badly wanted that everything will be like he want that he used more power than was necessary. The curse captured the whole Kingdom. Now, all be like He want. The closer the source of the curse, the stronger its effect. Everything and everyone will become what The Black Sovereign wants.

    4. Solution. You want to save a new friend from the curse? The source of the curse stopped? Destroy The Source. Ghostly Servant will help you do that. Find him in the Cursed Castle. It can be useful.
    Find Ghostly Servant. Cursed Castle . 9621. Quest "Solution" Completed. Do you want help? I think you can't, but oka.

    5. Assistance. All were alive. Now all dead. To help you I need Essence of Souls. Take it from our Guards. They are useless. Kill Guard Phantom, Collect x10 Essence of Ghost.
    Quest "Assistance" completed. Give me all. I'll help you.

    6. Kill Black Sovereign. I'll enchant your weapon. Now you can kill the Black Sovereign. He should not be reborn after murder. Try it. Good Luck. (Black Castle unique)
    Return to quest mob in Black Town 5503.

    7. It worked (not). Are you saying that the curse was supposed to stop. But I see no effect! Here, look! Right now there is anew black spot! I don't know what's going on.
    Find Amphibos. Black Beach 5034. Quest It worked (not) completed. Yes, I already know. It didn't work.

    8. A valid decision. The curse is so strong that it will revive the Black Sovereign. And will revive it permanently. Now he was slave of curse. Its sad. That will not change. If your friend wants to reverse the process, he must leave the realm. It can only help.

    Find Immigrant (5503). Reward:1 Ghostly Pouch (750 vpt).

    Quest "A valid decision" completed. The window at he end of the quest: Hmm.. Went from the hustle and bustle, and got into another great story. Okay. I will probably return to Seastone. Thank you for your help. Take it. In Seastone I traded and ammassed a fortune. Now I will have to start all over again. Thank you for everything. I will collect things.
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