VPT Quest Chain Part 5 Underground Town

Apr 10, 2018
VPT Quest Chain Part 5 Underground Town
  • Vplat quest #5 Underground Town

    1. Participation in the contest. All citizens are invited to participate in the contest. The Most powerful boom. This is the first and only Unique Contest by the Main Dwarf. You want to take part? To participate You just need to make me the entrance fee in the amount of 100 thousand gold. Bring it to me and I will tell you about the conditions of participation.

    Find Dwarf Herald. Quest "Participation in the contest" completed. And now the conditions.

    2. Conditions of Participation. The rules of this contest are simple. You bring me the most powerful, in Your opinion explosives, and the Main Dwarf, alternately blasting all the participants will choose the most powerful. In the preparation of explosives. You can use any of the inhabitants of Tharassos. But I like you. I can tell you. They say in the Vineyards lives a very clever alchemist. Go to him. He can something advise.
    Find Alchemist.

    3. Recipe Dragon Explosive. There seem to be too many people want to see me lately. I thought the place secluded. Okay. so you need what? The recipe of the most powerful explosives? Well, I have an experimental one. But I do not know its effect. Bomb can be so powerful that eh whole continent with be throbbing. But maybe not. I do not know. I'm not sure. Come this way. Bring me 5 bunches of bananas. And then, I'll give you the recipe.

    Collect x5 Banana. (In holiday shops, 30,000 a bunch)

    4. Create a Bomb. Well, here's the recipe. Was nice to meet you. Thanks for the bananas. The recipe is simple. I think its easy to make quickly.

    Bomb Recipe: 10 Fireheart; 4 Flame Tongue; 5 Fossil Sulphur = 1 Dragon Explosive.
    Collect Dragon Explosive.

    Take Bomb back to Underground Town quest mob and turn in.

    5. Results. Amazing! Amazing! Its just the BOMB! Yes. I'm sorry. The Main Dwarf tested. And your bomb is just the BOMB!!!! You won! Your explosives are the most powerful! The main prize is yours! Give me a minute to find your reward.

    Find Dwarf Herald. Reward: 1 Ghostly Pouch (750 vpt)
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